Lovely Carved Wooden Plaque of Nude, by Maine Artist Stephen Colgate Howard

Description: Carving of Curvy Nude Female. Artist’s Obituary: As posted in the Lincoln County (ME) News. August 31, 2010 at 12:00 am Stephen Colgate Howard, 98, an artist, of Newcastle, died at his home on August 12, 2010. He was born July 20, 1912 in his grandfather William Colgate’s house in Flushing, N.Y. Steve attended the PomfretContinue reading “Lovely Carved Wooden Plaque of Nude, by Maine Artist Stephen Colgate Howard”

“Commemorative #4” by Patrick Nagel.

“Commemorative #4”.  A framed serigraph print of artwork by Patrick Nagel (American, 1945-1984) signed in print, published by Mirage Editions, Dumas in 1984. Patrick Nagel created a series of fifteen posters that he titled “commemorative” posters numbered NC01 to NC15 over a period of four years. The work is representational of the look of theContinue reading ““Commemorative #4” by Patrick Nagel.”

Two Vintage/Antique Nudes

As you can see, the two small nudes pictured here have been around for a while; the frames are rather old and quite dried out, and have been shedding pieces since before we obtained them a couple of years ago, despite careful handling. Description: Nude Female.Material: They appear to be unsigned oils. The matting onContinue reading “Two Vintage/Antique Nudes”

“Sorrowful” Female Polystone Nude

Another of these wonderful pieces. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a professional photo of this one so you’ll have to make do with my less than stellar attempts. (It’s odd how the piece looks dusty!)Description: Nude Female.Material: Poly Stone Color: BlackSize: (h) 5 3/8″Condition: NewPolystone Definition: A medium used for Sculpture Casting. It is hard toContinue reading ““Sorrowful” Female Polystone Nude”

“Here I Am” Female Nude – Electroplated Bronze

Description: Nude Female.Material: Electroplated BronzeColor: BronzeSize: (h) 9 3/4″Condition: NewAccording to General Plating Company ( “bronze plating is an electroplating process. The process uses electricity to create a thin layer of the plating material over the item. While not all metals can be used as an electroplating material, bronze is one metal that can, asContinue reading ““Here I Am” Female Nude – Electroplated Bronze”

“Beauty” Female Polystone Nude

This is my favorite of the nude figures we presently have. She’s truly lovely.Description: Nude Female.Material: Poly Stone Color: BlackSize: (h) 5 7/8″Condition: NewPolystone Definition: A medium used for Sculpture Casting. It is hard to find one that delivers a cleaner, more substantial representation of an original sculpture than a product manufactured in Polystone. PolystoneContinue reading ““Beauty” Female Polystone Nude”

Lovely Female Portrait Art, Back View

This was one of my late husband’s favorites. He appreciated the soft curves and colors the artist used in creating this portrait. The painting is an original oil done in 2008. I don’t remember how we obtained it, but based on an email from the artist, I believe it was a commissioned piece. Artist: GregContinue reading “Lovely Female Portrait Art, Back View”