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Our Jeep Delivery Service!

My late husband purchased the hood ornament – whether it’s an angel or flying goddess is anyone’s guess – for the Jeep.

It’s kind of silly and looks out of place on the hood of this old 2004 Liberty, but he loved it, and I get a surprising number of thumbs up and positive comments on her! (Of course, there have been the nay-sayers, too, such as the co-worker who shook her head and said, “You’re a good woman” because I didn’t refuse to allow him to do it. I guess some people have no sense of adventure!)

Shipping Method:
Most items can be shipped via USPS, UPS or FedEx.

Shipping of Large, Heavy or Multiple Items:
We don’t recommend shipping larger or heavier items, as the price can be prohibitive, although if you want it and are willing to pay whatever the shipping company will charge, we’ll make it happen.

Personal Delivery:
Alternatively, we can arrange delivery within 350 miles at the rate of $.99 per mile round trip plus any applicable tolls.  There’s a $25 minimum charge for delivery less than 16 miles in one direction (32 miles round trip) unless we can arrange delivery for a time when we’ll already be going to that area anyway.

Also, if a 2nd delivery person must be added (for example, because no one on your end is available to help unload furniture requiring two people), there’s an additional $.49 per mile round trip cost.

Multiple Purchases:
Multiple purchases to the same address can be combined into one delivery for a single delivery price, as long as everything can fit into our Jeep Liberty.  If we must rent a cargo van or larger truck, the delivery price increases to reflect our additional costs.

A real plus is the ability to combine shipping with items purchased from our parent company, Heritage Collectibles, Books & Maps, which you can find at (In the future, when we spin off The Kitsch Corner and The Steampunk Store, purchases from those shops will also be able to be combined into one shipment to save you money.)

All shipping & delivery charges must be paid for in advance via cash or PayPal.  At this time we are not accepting personal checks unless the buyer is known to us because of previous bad checks, and a rather extensive attempt to scam us. (We didn’t fall for it, of course.)

Sorry, generally we don’t allow CODs with the following exceptions: a) if we’re traveling in your direction anyway, and b) if you will be paying via PayPal or cash on our arrival.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all. Please be aware that we are exceedingly careful in our handling and delivery of all inventory. We don’t want to become ill, nor do we want anyone else to. If you have any questions or reservations, please feel free to email us at

Thank you for your interest in our exciting inventory!

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